Proper Picks #2: All Giggles of All Kinds

Back again because I find that I have lots of faves to help cheer you up on a bad day. My favorite places to get a few laughs and grins in on a bleak day.

McSweeeny’s Internet Tendency– A website of pure comedy

The satire and humor of the articles featured varies from simple irony to vulgar extremes. Read it for its unbelievable laughs.

Camp Weedonwantcha  by Katie Rice – A never ending summer camp in hopefully eternal comic

The creator of the comic won Penny Arcade’s  (known for PAX) Strip Search competition. The disproportionate characters are absolutely beautiful and their expressions are priceless. It follows an adult-less camp run by ratty kids with both long and short story arcs.

Miss Abbot and the Doctor by Maripaz Villar – A rom-com of the past in a beautiful comic

I had to mention this because it features one of my favorite OTP’s (also check this old song out :D) which is Cati and Andreas. Their awkward and coincidence funny incidents bring me so much joy. I like the illustrative style and variety of characters. The pacing is also amazing as it does not rush into  romance.

Rhett and Link– A ultimate duo of internataners

They were just recently on the Tonight Show and even did a short segment popular form their shoe which shows their popularity worldwide. Two married fathers exhibit their comedy along with their other talents like music. Their work ranges from a daily morning talk show called Good Mythical Morning to their sporadic hilarious music videos. For all ages and all times.

Megan Batoon– A comedic and talented dancer extraordinaire

Her puns are to die for and her lyrical hip pop is so creative. She recently launched a website for her fashion. She gracefully combines all her interests on her channel.

I’m getting back into writing so hopeful this is a start to more posts more regularly.