Exercises to be Inspired for Writing Poetry

A couple years I spent a summer writing 100 poems following a 100 theme challenge set by the The Poetry Cafe on deviantart and published under my old deviantart account sun-lily. It is a great challenge which recommends for everyone whether it be for art or writing. More recently, I attended a series of poetry workshops that featured different ways to create poetry. Here I will highlight three exercises that we experimented me.

1. Echo Poetry

Echo Poetry involves a poem already written by someone else that you try to emulate, there is my second attempt based on Matthew John Conely’s poem called Ocean Poem from the book, Poetry Slam: the competitive art of performance poetry.

The world wishes us a good morning &

we are the beginning & we have it good

& the sunshine beams bright

expressions upon our faces &

we work hard & we laugh & we rise

& curiosity pulls us like moths to light & our hearts swell & fly &

reach toward our days arising on the horizon

our dreams spring high among the clouds

& we are hurtling forward & are trying to make a mark on this earth for the better

& be able to look back fondly on these days & think

of our triumphs and tragedies & how this place formed us into who we are as people

& remember the people who surrounded & cared & helped us

to get through the years to here & so now we have made it & are off to a new chapter

in our journey & through there will be twists and turns, I think we’ll turn out alright

& we are a growing up if there is such a thing.   

If you have read the poem you can compare them to see that there are some similarities and differences between them. I had a different subject matter and thus had a different arc of words. I used the poet’s repetition of the symbol & and some of his phrases. Echo poetry has no words or fast rules (just like regular poetry) and can vary from emulating line by line to just using a similar style. I would totally recommend to beginners who want to start with some support or to more advanced poets who want to take on more complex formats. The poem itself  is not really from my point of view as I had written inspired by events in my brother’s life as it is graduation season. I am not completely happy with as it is because I want it to flow more like a spoken word. Please leave any critiques or comments down below.

2. Paint Chip Poetry

Paint Chip Poetry uses inspiration from a paint chip to write a poem. It can derive from the the range of colors on display or the names given to those colors. Though I am into visual arts I find it easier to use the actual word names instead of the colors. Here is the chosen chip.


Down below I will write two poems, one based on names and the other on the colors.

The Little Old Farmer 

The weathered Farm House,

With it’s rusted handles,

And discolored walls,

Could sense the change in,

The little old farmer.


No more pale parsnips,

That were big and hearty,

Were ever harvested any more,

To be sold or help feed,

The little old farmer.


His loneliness loomed for years,

Isolation growing after the death of his wife,

At his final straw because,

No one cares for,

The little old farmer.


Chip S320A

Age takes a toll on the parchment paper,

Rips, crinkles, and wrinkles show the years,

And the experiences and care given to it,

Are displayed in where they are kept today,

Is it crumbly and browned,

Or fresh, clean, and flexible,

History recorded physically,

For futures to hold and cherish,

Through words not fleeting.


The first poem uses the name of colors to tell a story. While the second poem uses the colors to inspire for me it evokes old paper.

3. Blackout Poetry

This exercise/ type of poetry is probably the most well-known. It involves taking a page out of a book and blacking out words to leave a poem behind. I will just be doing on the computer instead of marker as I have no books to ruin (to take pages out of).


The poem I created is from page two of Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston. If you have read the book you can easily tell where it is from because I used complete phrases instead of just some choice words. Not a great attempt but if you search online you will find many great examples.

That’s all have this collection of helpful poetry prompt devices. I hope you try one of them and if you do please comment down below so I can check out your work.



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