Spotlight on Poetry that makes me think and feel

Picture Collage is made from pictures of From the top right: Maya Angelou, Edgar Allen Poe, Emily Dickinson, and Walt Whitman. 

For many years I have written various types of poetry but this year I hope to read more of other poets so here is some selections of what I have discovered. All of my selections are from famous poets to encourage you to explore more poetry.

Maya Angelou has always been an inspiring figure to me through her multitudes of work in various areas that have made the world a better place. From poetry to activism in civil rights she has done so much for generations to come. “Phenomenal Women” is a well known poem of hers that cements her image as a foremost feminist. A major feature of her style that I love is how she makes her poems accessible to all meaning that it is not too complex or high brow. A clean simple anthem for any young girl or women to enjoy.

Edgar Allen Poe is a famous writer known for his horror/creepy stories and poems. I actually have a full book of his, but I have not read most of it. Edgar Allen Poe Book CoverHere are three ones I enjoyed from what I have read so far. First is the well known “Raven“, that as an animal is often used to represent Poe. I loved the cadence of the lines and the mix of repetition and an odd lines to pique the reader’s interest. Also I kind of dislike very descriptive poetry because it seems unnecessary or written to fill up space but Poe uses words carefully. Each one evokes a specific image especially in the setting. The other one the I had to share was “Serenade“. This poem hits me on a personal level because one of my first real poems was one called “Night” which described my view of a starry night.

The welcoming cover,

Of the night,

Stars light up,

The Darkened sky,

When most are at bed,

I lay awake,

At this mystical time,

I take in,

The night that makes,

Everything anew,

Deafening silence,

Large shadows creeping,

With a cool breeze,

I reflect upon,

The past day,

And the day to come,

Oh night,

What a beautiful time.


It seems so simplistic and childish now but it did get an honorable mention. I enjoy the Serenade’s sentiment which struck me after reading a series of Poe’s love letters to various ladies even though this one does include a mention to a love called Adeline. I love the line, “And on the spectral mountain’s crown.” A eloquent piece of admiration. My last selection is “Eldorado” which describes an explorer’s quest for finding “El Dorado.” The endless journey is aptly described by Poe and was fitting for me because I had just watched the movie, El Dorado. The movie has the opposite plot but of course has the same idea of thirst for gold.

Walt Whitman is through and through an American poet. I knew I had to read “O Captain! My Captain!O Captain! My Captain!” because it is such an iconic line and I wanted to read and digest it fully. For those of you who do not know the poem was written after Lincoln’s death. It is a beautiful poem that shares compassionate sentiments about the struggle that Abe succeeded and the sadness that his assassination cut his life short.  The allegory of real life to sailing perfectly describes the emotion and events that had occurred.

Emily Dickinson is known as a famous recluse whose poems were published after her death.  Her name has such recognition that I had to read some of her work. I would like to highlight her poem called “I’m Nobody! Who are You?“. It expresses her sentiment about how she likes to be a ‘nobody’. The short and simple stanzas tell a unique view of being famous.

So that has been what poems I read and enjoyed recently. Please comment below with your suggestions for me to explore.







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