Proper Picks

I’ve decided to start this series, Proper Picks because I think it is great to promote and share things, people, and places that make you feel something. Personally I rarely am obsessed with anything so I decided to have this to share my true favorites. I will break into various categories to reflect the contents.

For Everyone:

Stutterhug by Samantha Davies on Taptastic

This comic is beautifully drawn and has wonderful visual storytelling. She frequently updates with short stories that feature no words but communicate a lot of meaning.  On her tumbler she also posts colorful sketches as featured above. Additionally on mobile, if you swipe fast enough it appears to be a colorful animation.  It can be interpreted to have deep meanings or can be appreciated as cute stories.

Avocado Toast by Ingrid Nilsen on YouTube

I love Ingrid’s upbeat and positive videos and this recipe demonstration is actually the first that I made a recipe inspired by a YouTube video. I personally find most recipes often have many ingredients I do not have or take a lot of time and effort however the avocado toast recipes is so simple and delicious. I now eat this often as it is a tasty meal that is on the healthy side.

Bomber Jackets

An item that I have wanted for years but never got and now that it is a popular trend I feel it is too late. Anyways I love the jackets because there are so versatile and there are so many variations to choose form. From colorful, patch-filled, vintage ones to  sleek and monochromatic ones there is a jacket for everyone.

For thinkers:

New Age Creators on YouTube

The channel is a diverse group of creative people who express thoughtful ideas through their videos. The main contributors are Ana Marta, OrinsEyes, Marie Jacquemin, Chase vs Everything, and Croque’s Corner. Their expression is conscious, beautiful, and has multiple perspectives due to the various members. Very artsy and more importantly meaningful. An important small YouTuber collaboration to watch for.

Will Darbyshire‘s videos on YouTube

Though he has only been on YouTube since 2014, he has created memorable and thoughtful content. So far he has created sixty-one different videos that convey empowering and relatable ideas. Will is in the process of producing his first book called, This Modern Love which demonstrates his brand wonderfully. I tend to binge watch many of his videos in a row when getting inspiration for writing.

Mitchell Davis‘s Music on Soundcloud


Though Mitchell Davis in known more from his YouTube videos and acting, I have him on my first Proper Picks because of his music. Every once and a while he will drop some experimental  tunes on soundcloud. Listening to them evokes  something within because I have not listened to anything like it.  I would totally recommended it if you like weird lyric-less music.

For the T.V Show lovers:

Grace and Frankie on Netflix

One of the new original series featured on Netflix, it revolves around Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin) who have both become divorced by their husbands because both of the men are in love with each other. For me this is a first because I usually do not like drama however this show changed that genre in my eyes. The right amount of humor and seriousness leads it to be an enthralling show. There are many ways to appreciate the show from the diverse representation, women talking about things other than men, and the pleasant depiction of old people. I also find that the dynamic of the characters of Bud and Coyote kind of remind me of Sean and Gus from Psych. I just finished the second season and though I feel that it ends with Grace and Frankie being unlikable and ridiculous it still is a show worth watching.

Be Cool, Scooby Doo

The twelfth version of the classic show, Scooby-Doo, Where are You?, it departs from the usual tropes. I had grown up watching the different variations of the show. The main points to note when watching is that they were trying to not focus on the romantic parings at all, it takes place after their senior year, it has more of a comedic tone after the last dark incarnation, and a change in art style. Many have complained about the drastic appearance change however I feel it makes sense considering the new tone of the show. A big disclaimer is that the mysteries are not hard to figure. Yes, I know I am old to be watching a cartoon show however there are too few characters for it to be challenging to solve on your own. Though that may seem a big issue it is actually fine because it is the humor of that show that makes me keep watching.

Parks and Recreation


Most of you have probably heard of the show however but since it reached Netflix I have renewed my love for the show. To be truthful I have not watched the last season because I am saving it for when I feel down. Though based on The Office’s documentary format it takes it and spins it on its head due to lovable characters and hilarious situations. The couples throughout the season made me emotionally involved but of the show my true OTP has to be Leslie and Ben. I think one of my favorite parts of the show is that the main cast of characters care for each other which is different from most T.V shows that revolve around drama around envy or hate. Overall a light-hearted show with good messages that showcases the wonderful talents of Amy Poehler.  (Also Poehler’s book Yes, Please is hilarious and hearty)

That’s the end of these favorites. I hope you enjoyed. Please comment below with some suggestions of your favorites because I am always looking for new things to love. ❤


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